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    My Adorable Pony Care My Adorable Pony Care
    Hei little girls. Welcome to play a new gorgeous girl game with a little cute pony and a beautiful fairy princess. Join them in a new exciting adventure where you can have a lot of fun and feel great! This free girl game has many levels where the pony has to complete different activities, so be there and enjoy each of them till the end. Start the game and descover a magic colored world where you can spend a wondeful time taking care of this little pony. You mission is to feed him, bathe him and also dressup him as you like. Complete all challenges and prove that you are a good friend! Enjoy!

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    Beach Kissing Summer Beach Kissing Summer
    Hello girls Who loves summer? Do you like beach activities under the warm sunlight? Here you can play a new kissing game with an adorable couple who is on vacation at the seaside. They love very much each other and they use to spend romantic moments increasingly more. Nobody says this is a bad thing, but sometime in public you should act normal and try to avoid romantic moments. That's the reason they asks for your help to cover them while kissing in public at the beach. Look around and when nobody's looking start kissing and stop them before someone sees them. You can use heping items to complete all the three levels and be the couple best friend. Have fun and enjoy this new kissing game at the beach!

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    Princess Wedding Kiss Princess Wedding Kiss
    Hello everybody. We have a new wedding kissing game for you! Play this new princess kissing game where you will meet a cute couple who is about to get married. Have you ever imagined how your wedding will be? This cute couple is at the church sorrounded by a lot of people and of course the priest at the best wedding. They want to play a game and kiss each other without beeing seen by the priest or the little girl near them. Could you join their wedding game and complete the challenge? When the priest is not looking at them, start the kissing session and stop it when is about to turn his sight. Your mission is to complete all levels in this cute princess wedding game using helping items. Have fun in this game for girls and enjoy it! If you like very much you can share with your friend to make them happy also! Thanks and have fun!

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    Gorgeous Princess Hairstyle Gorgeous Princess Hairstyle
    Hello pretty girls. Are you ready to play a new princess girl game? Today you'll gonna be a professional hairdresser for a beautiful princess. She is bored about her look and wants a change so she thought that she should starts with the hair, that's the reason she asks for your help. Our princess has a long blonde hair so get prepared to create a fabulous hairstyle. First of all you should wash and cut the hair to prepare it for hairstyling. Follow the instruction in game and use all instruments you have to complete the challenge and create the hairstyle princess asks for. In the next level you can decorate princess hairstyle with plenty of glittering accessories, you can change the hair color and also add a beautiful hair clip. The princess will be very happy about her look so in the next level she lets you apply the makeup and accessories so when she get out of the beauty salon to look perfect. Do your best to make our princess look fabulous. Have fun!

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    Pool Kissing Summer Love Pool Kissing Summer Love
    Hey girl. Are you ready to play a new kissing game and have fun with a cute couple at the swimming pool? It is a wonderful day and this cute couple have decided to spend it at the swimming pool. They love to lay under the sun and relax in the pool on a swim ring. Everything sound perfect, but during a long day, this cute couple wants to kiss each other and it's not a nice act in public. Could you help them do this without beeing seen? When nobody's looking start kissing and use helping items to complete faster the challenge. Prove that you are the best and finish all the three levels.. Have fun playing this new romantic couple game!

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    Princess Nail Salon Manicure Princess Nail Salon Manicure
    Hello girls. Here you can play a new exciting girl game where you can have a lot of fun and also learn a new manicure technique. Every girl wants to have a beautiful manicure but sometimes happens to have no idea about nail design and the new trends. Start this new girl game and you will be able to create a fabulous manicure for a beautiful princess. Just follow the instruction in game step by step to get a professional manicure, you just need to use your creativity to create nice color combination nail art. First of all princess needs a hand and nails tratment before you can start the nails art creation. After the spa session where you must cut and polish the nails, you can start design the beautiful nails with various colors and patterns. Try all of them till you get the perfect nails. Finally you can add a fashion tatoo and the princess's manicure will be done. Have fun!

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    Princess School Makeup Slacking Princess School Makeup Slacking
    Hello girls. What happens when you wake up late and you should arrive at school in a few minutes? Most of you get dressed, eat something in a hurry and get out the door. The story of this new girl game it's about a princess who woke up late this morning and she didn't do her morning routine completly because she should arrive at school. Her face isn't look so good and her hair is a disaster and she is very sad about it. So that's the reason she asks for your help to cover her while she is doing her makeup in first break. Be the princess's best friend and help her repair her makeup to have more self confidence. Look around and when nobody's looking, start the makup session. Go next and repair the hairstyle and finally clean her clothes. She will be very happy about your help. Have fun!

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    Mermaid Messy Room Mermaid Messy Room
    Hey girls. Play a new wondeful girl game and join into a undewater world where you will meet a adorable mermaid princess. She is happy with her life but she does not like to clean her room and for that reason needs help. Let's help the princess and clean her room. Your mission in the first level is to find all objects trown in the room. Look closely and find them all as quickly as possible. In the next level the mermaid princess will be very happy about your help so you can dress up her as you like. Change the hairstyle and choose the most beaufitul suit. Have fun and enjoy this new mermaid girl game!

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    Fairy Pony Adventure Fairy Pony Adventure
    Hello girls. Are you ready for an amazing adventure with this fairy princess and her pink pony? Join them and be ready to explore many new places and have a lot of fun! Complete all challenges and prove that you're a good friend! Each level has diferent story with our pony so follow the instruction in game and complete all the six levels. In the first level you should clean the pony's stable because it looks horrible and nobody can longer suport the ugly smell. Next the pony needs a medical care, so you will be a professional doctor who will treat the little animal till he has no wounds. Go on to the bath session where you should wash the pink pony careffuly to be clean and happy again. Descover by your own the last two levels that you will love because the little pony takes you in the garden where you should dig the soil, plant and collect some carrots. In the last level you have the oportunity to create a fashion look for the cute pony. Choose a nice costume and add a perfect accessorie. The princess and the little pony will be very happy. Have fun!

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    Spa Salon Pool Party Spa Salon Pool Party
    Hello girls. How are you spending the summer days? What do you prefer to do? Do you love to swim and have fun at the swimming pool with friends? Play this new summer pool party game. The game is designed for little girls and contains many levels that should be completed. The story is about a pretty girl who is about to meet her date at the swimming pool but she's sad because is not prepared for it. Her face looks horrible and her legs are full of hair and some wounds. She needs your proffesional help. Start the game with a beauty session and make our girl look fabulous before going to the sweiming pool. She needs a facial treatment to remove her pimples and eyebrows hair and then needs care for her legs. Follow the instruction to complete all tasks of beauty session so finally you have the opportunity to choose the perfect swimsuit for the beautiful girl. She will be happy and ready to go. Accompany her to the swimming pool and spend a great time there. You're mission will be to help the couple kiss each other without being seen. Prove that you are a good friend and everyone will be happy. Have fun!

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