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    Cute Princess School Makeover Cute Princess School Makeover
    Hello everyone! Do you like cars? Even if cars are often boys's passion, there are a lot of girls in the world who loves cars and are very good drivers. In this new girl game you will meet a beautiful girl who has a nice car and today she asks for you help to clean it because it's a mess and she's sad about it. Are you ready to start the cleaning session? Just follow the instruction in game to collect the unusefull things found arround the car and then clean the car with a lot of soap and water untill she is clean and shiny. In the next level, you can dress up the cute girl for a ride. What should she wear? Make her look fabulous, but don't forget about the car, you can change the color and add a nice pattern to personalize it. Our girl will be very happy about her new car so she will drive confident. Have fun!

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    Little Cute Princess Little Cute Princess
    Hei girls. Are you ready to play a new girl game? Today your mission is to take care of a cute princess all day long. She is very obedient so it will be a pleasure to spend time with her. She has planned to carry out more activities today so be there and make her happy and be a good babysitter. First of all our little princess needs a bath, so follow the instruction in game to complete all the tasks. Put the toys into the bathtub, wash her hair carefully and then use soap to wash her little body. Next, help the princess get prepared for lunch. Follow the instruction and feed the princess with the food you find on the table and next prepare a fruit smootie, her favorite meal. In the last level you have the chance to dress up the cute princess as you want. Choose a fabulous dress, accessories, shoes, gloves and crown but make sure to match them all so our princess to look fashion. Have fun and enjoy this new spa girl game!

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    Indian Nail Salon Indian Nail Salon
    Hello girls. Have you ever painted your nails in indian style? Now you can play a new girl game designed especially for you where you will meet a beautiful indian girl who wants a cute manicute. She asks for your help because she knows that you are a professional nail artist. Start the game and complete all the proceduces for a luxury manicure starting with hand and nail treatments and continue with nails design. Follow the instruction in game to apply the hand creams, to cut the nails and give it a nice shape and also use the mini brush to clean the nails and prepare it for polish. In the next level you can use your imagination and create a unique manicure. Use many colors, add a rhinestone and don't forget to add a nice tatoo that will make this cute indian girl's manicure look fabulous. She will be very happy about your job. Have fun!

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    Hospital Love Kissing Hospital Love Kissing
    Hello girls. Welcome to play a new kissing game where you will have a lot of fun. The story it's about a cute couple in love who do not miss the chance to spend some romantic moments together. The biggest problem is that the boy got sick and now he's hospitalized, so his girlfriend is very sad about it. Now she decided to spend all day at hospital with him, but as you know there are very strict rules so they needs your help. Our couple wanna kiss each other without beein seen by any nurse or by someone crossing by. Could you help them? Start the kissing session when nobody's looking and use helping items to complete faster the challenge. Prove that you are a good friend and cover them as long as possible. Have fun!

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    Princess Wedding Birth Care Princess Wedding Birth Care
    Hello girls. Meet a beautiful bride who is about to give birth to his beautiful baby. Just follow the instructions in game and do everything to help her feel as good as possible. First of all, make sure that bride's health is good and then be there when she will deliver the baby because you should take care of the little newborn baby. Complete all tasks and finally the bride and her groom will be very happy having the newborn baby in thair arms.

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    Sweet Girl Messy Room Sweet Girl Messy Room
    Hey girls. Let's play a new girl game that you will love. It's about a beautiful girl who should clean her messy room before going on a date. She is very nervous about the meeting so she thinks almost all time at it, but first she must clean her room to be allowed to get out of the house. Could you give her a helping hand? Start the game and find all the thrown items in the room until the room is clean and everything is at its place. Our girl will be very grateful about your help so she lets you choose her meeting clothes and hairstyle. Take a look in her wardrobe and pick up the most beautiful dress and also make sure to choose a fabulous hairstyle. Have fun and enjoy this dress up game for girls!

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    Toy Princess Messy Room Toy Princess Messy Room
    Hey girls. How are you today? We have a new girl game that you will adore because it's about a beautiful girl who loves colors. She is crazy about fashion and her wardrobe is full of colored clothes. The last days she was very busy and she forgot to clean her room, so it becomes a totally mess and need help because she can't do it alone. There are a lot of personal objects thrown around the room, so your mission is to find them all and put it back on their places. After the room is clean and welcoming, you can start the dressup session for our beautiful girl. She wants to wear a colored dress today, matched with a trendy hairstyle. How does she look better? Try on all the combination and choose the perfect one.

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    Royal Princess Carriage Cleaning Royal Princess Carriage Cleaning
    Play this new amazing girl game and you will have a great time! Are you ready to join into a fairy tale story? It's about a beautiful princess who live in a wonderful castle placed in a magic land. She is happy with her life and everyday she explores new places and learn new things. In the last few days she took her royal carriage and visited the land near the castle. Now the carriage is a totally mess and needs to be cleaned. Princess needs your help for this job so please do not disappoint her. Follow the instruction in game to clean the royal carriage inside and also outside untill it is clean and shiny again. After the cleaning session you have the opportunity to create a new design for the carriage. The princess will be very happy and grateful about your help. Have fun!

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    Winter Time Couple Kiss Winter Time Couple Kiss
    Hello girls. We invite you to play a new kissing game with an adorable couple. They love winter time so they decided to have a date outside and build a snowman. Does it sound great? This lovely girl can't wait to play with snow and meet her boyfriend, but first she must take care of her appearence to impress him. That's why she asks for your help. Give her some ideas about the outfits she must wear on a winter day. Take a look in her wardrobe and choose some cute outfits, a nice pair of shoes and also change her hairstyle. Now she's ready to go. In the next level, join the lovely couple and help them kiss each other without being seen! When nobody's looking start kissing. You have helping items to complete the challenge. Have fun and enjoy this winter kissing game!

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    Ice Princess Messy Room Ice Princess Messy Room
    Hello girls. Ice Princess invites you to play a new amazing girl game. She needs your help for two jobs because she can't do it alone. First of all you must know that princess room is a totally mess so your mission is to clean it by finding all the necessary objects. Look closly and prove that you are smart and finish the level as quickly as possible. In the next level, the princess needs your fashion advices for a new look. She needs a fabulous princess hairstyle and a stylish dress. Find the perfect combination and our ice princess will look amazing tanks to you. Have fun!

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