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    Meet the Pink Dolphin Meet the Pink Dolphin
    Hello everyone. Play this new girl game and meet a friendly pink dolphin who is a little sad right now. He is houngry but can't eat before cleaning his habitat and to do that needs a helping hand. Could you join him and spend some time doing several underwater activities? It is a challenge and you will descover a lot of great things doing this and of course you will love the little dolphin. First of all, start the game with the cleaning session. Your mission is to collect all the mess and throw it to the trash. Complete the task and your friend will be very grateful about it. Next, you should feed the dolphin with fresh prawn, so look around and find the quantity he needs. Last, the dolphin needs a new royal look. Use your creativity and make him shine like a star. You can combine many shiny accesories to get a awesome look for the pink dolphin and show it to the mermaid princess who will be very impressed about it. Have fun playing this new girl game and enjoy it!

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    Princess Cute Dolphin Caring Princess Cute Dolphin Caring
    Hello pretty girls. We invite you to play this new amazing girl game that you will love from beginning. It is about a beautiful mermaid princess and her cute beloved dolphin. They have a very close friendship so the princess loves to spend most of her time with the pink dolphin. Today in the morning, our princess found her dolphin injured and very sad so she asks for your help to make him feel happy again. The little animal has a lot of wounds so start the game and treat the pink dolphin using medical instruments. Follow the instruction in game to complete all the tasks so finally to make sure that everything is all right. The treatment is complex and includes many medical procedures but we are sure that you'll handle it. In the next level, the dolphin should be happy and healthy so they invite you to the dress up session. The princess and the dolphin needs a new look so do not hesitate to make them look amazing. Have fun playing this new girl game!

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    Princess Car Cleaning Princess Car Cleaning
    Hi girls.I think every girl would like to have a pretty pink car. It look great for a girl and also gives a good vibes while you're driving it on the road. Start this new girl game and meet a beautiful girl who has a mini pink car. She likes her car, but lately she forgot to clean it so now she needs help because it is a totally mess inside and outside. Could you give her a helping hand? Start the game and clean the pink car inside. Find all the objects in the car and thow the mess to the trash and the useful objects in the other container. Go next and wash the car following the instruction in game untill it will be clean and shiny. In the last level you have the opportunity to decorate the car as you want. Change the collor and also the wheels. Enjoy!

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    Princess Summer Haircuts Princess Summer Haircuts
    Hello girls. Let's play a new fabulous girl game with a beautiful princess who needs a new look and she wants to start with the hairstyle. She no more likes her hair and now she asks for your help to make her look more beautiful. Start the game and create the most amazing hairstyle ever seen. First of all is the hair spa where you should wash princess's hair with sampoo and apply also a conditioner to make it soft and ready for hairstyling. In the next level use your creativity to create an unique hairstyle. You can cut, curl, stereghten and dye her hair as you like using all the helping items you have. Princess will adore her new hairstyle even is long or shot, blond or colored so do your best to get a awesome look. Finally don't forget aabout accessories to complete your job. Have fun in this beautiful princess haircuts salon game! Enjoy!

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    Mermaid Dolphin Care Mermaid Dolphin Care
    Hello little girls. Here we prepared for you a cute girl game with a mermaid princess and her pink dolphin. From couple days, the little dolphin is not feeling good and is almost all time sad. Our mermaid doesn't know what's happening but she don't want to see him sad anymore and asks for your help. She want her happy dolphin back so start the game and follow the instruction to treat the cute dolphin. Use the instruments you have around and complete all steps so after the treatment the dolphin will be happy again. In the next level, when the dolphin will be healthy and the princess happy, create a new style for the dolphin using many accessories and changing his color. Have fun playing this new caring dolphin game!

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    Doctor Dolphin Treatment Care Doctor Dolphin Treatment Care
    Hello girls. Join and play this new girl game prepared especially for you where a cute dolphin and his best friend, a beautiful mermaid are the main characters. They get along very well and everyday are spending a lot of time together, playing and exploring new places deep in the ocean. Now the mermaid princess asks for your help because her beloved dolphin got injured and now is crying because of the pain. Your mission is to treat the cute pink dolphin using items you find nearby. Just follow the instruction and complete all tasks and finally the dolphin will be happy again. In the next level, you have the opportunity to play with him and have a lot of fun! Enjoy this new caring dolphin game!

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    Baby Ema Diaper Change Baby Ema Diaper Change
    Hello girls. Are you ready to be a good babysitter today? We prepared for you a new baby game that you will enjoy playing because it's simple and fun! Baby games are very interesting to play beacause it has a lot of task to complete and you have to be very good to finish them in time! Your main mission in this game is to take care of this cute little baby and keep her happy all the time. Happiness is very important so when she start crying you should give her what she want. Start the game and learn to change baby's diaper just following the instructions in game. In the next level play with her to keep the happiness level high. Have fun playing this new baby girl game and tell us youe oppinion.

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    Princess Spa Kissing Princess Spa Kissing
    Hello girls. Do you like kissing game? Here you can play a new fabulous kissing girl game with an adorable couple who went at spa to spend some relaxing time together. As you know there are more people around and you should avoid beeing seen while kissing your partner. That's the moment our couple needs your help to kiss each other without beeing seen by someone. Look around and start the kissing session when nobody's looking and stop it before beeing caught. You have helping items to complete each level so use them properly. Colect time item to earn more time, kissing item to fill quicklyer the progress bar and the last item helps you to become invisible. Have fun playing this new spa kissing game and prove that you're the best and finish all levels. Enjoy the game! It's free!

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    My Sweet Newborn My Sweet Newborn
    Hello cute girls. We know that you like newborn baby games so we prepared for you a beautiful girl game with a lovely mom and a sweet newborn baby. The story begins when the mom goes to the hospital with pregnancy pains and the doctor takes her quickly for a pregnancy check up. Your mission is to be there and help our cute mom give birth to her first baby. First make sure that everything is all right with her health and then get pripared for the baby delivery moment. After this happens, take the baby and make sure that his measuresments are normal. The baby will be very happy in your good care. In the next level you should dress up the cute little baby as you want. You can choose from many baby clothes, accessories, shoes, toys and everything you think will make him look great! Finally give him back to his mom and dad so the familly to be happy and complete! Have fun!

    Princess Melting Kiss Princess Melting Kiss
    Hello girls. We invite you to play a new kissing game. You will love this game because it will reminds you a popular story about a princess who should kiss a frog to transform it into a handsome prince. Your mission is to help the beautiful princess kiss the frog without beeing seen by somebody. When nobody's looking start kissing and complete all levels to reach the target and meet the prince. Have fun and make this princess happy.

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